Parc Esta launch date

Parc Esta launch date

Many people desired of having a lavish home but failed to equip their place with the right facilities. There is very less number of developers who give the homes on customers’ conditions. Fret no more because all your house conditions and terms problems will be sorted out under this magnificent guaranteed developer. Don’t settle for anything less, live like a king in Parc Esta. Parc Esta estate is under the leasehold development of MCL land for 99 years. When Parc Esta was established it made a big contribution in Eunos for it was the first estate that booms during those times. According to Eunos history, MCL Land is referred as one of the biggest home developers. This Estate provides all types of developmental services perfect in your luxurious home.| Parc Esta is a new Ninety nine years leasehold development that is the former Eunosville HUDC Enbloc. Jardine Matheson Group Unit was considered as the leading bidders who submitted an exceptional enbloc plots of land through the help of MCL Land. When the unit Eunosville started its name as the 330 unit HUDC estate, it was forecasted that by 2017 it will be successfully leading towards the fourth spot. The price submitted for the plot of land was also the second highest after Farrer Court in 2007 which indicates that developers are optimistic about real estate market in Singapore and the limited plots of land under the Government Land Sales Programme isn’t enough to keep the appetite of the developers in the currently upbeat real estate market.| A new underdeveloped property named Parc Esta was in service for Ninety nine years as a leasehold property which is a former unit of Eunosville HUDC Enbloc. Jardine Matheson Group Unit was regarded as the leading bidders who submitted an excellent enbloc plots of land with the aid of MCL Land. When the unit Eunosville started its name as the 330 unit HUDC estate, it was forecasted that by 2017 it would be successfully leading towards the 4th spot. The Government Land Sales Programme was not that enough when it comes to maintaining the real estate market since it limits the passion of most developers to submit more plots, but in terms of the rate you’re secured that the its worth it because they are leading in the world market.

You can head to Changi Road and Sims Avenue because Parc Esta has its ways. Visit Parc Esta Showflat to see the show model and the mock up unit.The establishment owns 1399 units containing lavish developments like tennis court, clubhouse, swimming pool, children’s recreation space and indoor gym. Parc Esta in late Eunos has a number of 4 walk-up apartment blocks and also 255 maisonettes present. The area also provides nearby commercial center like Paya Lebar square, Geylang Serai Market and Food Centre. A commercial center known as Serai Market where all delightful Malay foods are served has its bakeries and goldsmith shops. An establishment where exchange of goods are present is the Serai Market.| Before it became Parc Esta, it was first developed as Eunosville HUDC that’s facing towards the Changi Road and Sims Avenue. Everything are here already in Parc Esta since their amenities are very unique and entertaining like the guard house for the life saver, club house, function hall for meetings, indoor gym fit conscious, tennis court , a wide 50m pool area, beautiful sun deck, BBQ pits for food gamer & to secure also the play ground for youngsters. A great entertainment would be fully realized in which your family will have the opportunity to enjoy the moment. Indulge in a serene and tranquil lifestyle right in the heart of Eunos.

As you pass through a one kilometer range in Parc Esta Eunos, you’ll reach the mall that owns a MRT station. Inside the area of Eunos, an MRT Station can be found nearby. Bus interchange which gives an extra benefit and makes the place a transport hub. If you want to head to various places this station provides accessible ride through East Coast MRT Station. Parc Esta MCL Land is situated close to the Pan Island Expressway and is few km away from Central Expressway. Some reputed academic institutions are there which are not very far from the Parc Esta enbloc. Schools that are not that distant from Parc Esta enbloc includes Haig Girls’ School, Tanjong Katong Girl’s school, and Tanjong Katong High School. Because of the fact that less number of bidders are present, increase in charges are expected.| It was guaranteed that the land area where the Parc Esta Condo would be situated will derive more possibilities on investors. Although the building structure seems to be conventional, it was still anticipated that Eunosville will last up to Seventy one years. It was forecasted that around 1399 units will still be built in Parc Esta MCL Land in the future base on its collective rate, size of the land and it’s ratio.

You will be provided with VVIP registration in order for you to gain knowledge about it’s like in Parc Esta Hongkong Land. Individuals who participated the registration are expected for a win-win situation. You don’t have to worry about the high cost since you will be able to avail the discount upon VVIP Registration. Attaining your dreamed quality of lifestyle, Parc Esta Condo provides and develops great standards of your needs. It is especially rare to find a one stop place that contains all the unique facilities offered. Parc Esta Condo provides an environment appropriate for a one big family. Kids will be so attached after looking at the condominium. |Parc Esta is the former Eunosville estate that’s a privatized HUDC which was build in the 1980s that contain 330 units located in the plot of land next to Eunos MRT Station. Since the collective sales the first considered achievement, it was very remarkable right after the Farrer Court was sold mainly because it’s on the 2nd array. Analyst note that the cost paid for the plot of land is reasonable given the upswing market and the plot of land was sold to Jardine Matheson Group which is a unit of Hongkong Developer MCL Land. It was expected that there will be 6 residential unit blocks, 4 walk-up apartment blocks with 75 units that was present in Eunosville HUDC among the 255 maisonettes. The sales target price would be around $1,700 – $1,750psf.

Residents of this condo don’t need to worry about the transportation system because this new development is found near the Eunos MRT Station which is located along the East-West Line. This MRT station also serves residents of Telok Kurau, Joo Chiat, and the Eunos Estate. The Eunos Bus Interchange is another transportation system which offers a convenient transport hub for the homeowners.| It was Fifty years in the service since various residential building was established through the help of Singapore’s MCL Land. For the longest time, Hong Kong Land along with MCL Land was known to be the reputable property holdings across the Asian cities namely: Hong Kong, Singapore, Beijing, Jakarta, Hanoi, Phnom Penh, Macau, and Bangkok.